Paranormal Pledge

Halloween Comes Once A Year, 
But The Paranormal Happens Year Round!
So Why Aren't We Being More Open About It?

This site is about encouraging everyone to step out of their "Paranormal Closets" to start talking about their:
 Paranormal Experiences,
Curiosities, Mysterious Obsessions (you know who you are), UFO Knowledge, Alien Abductions, Bigfoot Hunting, Ghostly Frights, Jesus Encounters, Near Death Experiences, Angelic Chattings, Miracle Healings, Stunning Dreams, Psychic Visions, Out of Body Flights...AND Anything Else Outlandish That Gets Your Attention, Changes Your Life, or Opens Your Mind! 

Here, on Paranormal Pledge, You Are Among Friends, Welcomed, Cherished and Offered some Halloween Candy for Your Mind and Soul...not literally...but we do offer some insight and acceptance with a smile across our face :) !!! 
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