Paranormal Pledge


Heidi Hollis
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That's me, and I've been looking into various Outlandish topics for a VERY long time...over 20 years already! The thing is, not much has changed as far as how comfortable people are in speaking openly about their own paranormal experiences and curiosities

It's sad, really.

Sure there are more TV shows and movies getting made out there that are telling people that odd things exist. But still, most people just watch this stuff and hoard what they personally know or have seen for themselves. They rarely go out and speak to the public, let alone do they tell their own close family and friends! 

Some of the MOST fantastic stories I've EVER heard have ALL come to me quietly in the form of an email or from someone pulling me aside to tell me their story. When I hear these stories, they usually start off by saying: 

I don't do drugs, rarely drink and haven't told anyone this before...BUT here it is...

Then my jaw drops and I can hardly believe the sheer wealth of information they just laid out to me, where I wish I could personally scream it out to the world for them!!!

There is SO much out there that is NOT being said, NOT being shared, where SO MANY of us can learn and grow from. Some of these people are those you know, but are too afraid to be laughed at to even dare to speak up. So instead they seek out someone like me, often times, on the opposite side of the planet because they feel they can relate to me. 

But I'm NOT the one NEEDING to hear these stories, (though I certainly learn and grow from them) it's these experiencer's friends, family, neighbors, farmer, barber, babysitter, landscaper...and anyone else who trusts them and can take their word for what they are saying to be true. Because it's THEN that the "Paranormal" can really hit home with people so they know that it's something we ALL need to be taking more seriously. 

BUT we also need to treat these Outlandish topics JUST as we treat any other topic: As humanly flawed as possible, with all of our errors, giggles, fumbles, stumbles and questions. 

It's not about being scary or mysterious, because I think that scares many of us away where we don't want to learn more But when we are "allowed" to be as silly as we want to be, BUT still take the information seriously...just as we do ANY other topic...THEN progress can be made without SO much fear. 

So...that's why I formed Paranormal Pledge.

So people can take the PARANORMAL PLEDGE OATH, raise their right hand and promise that they will not JUST share their stories or curiosities about any variety of paranormal topic with me alone...BUT ALSO...with AT LEAST OTHER PERSON in their lives! 

This information and knowledge needs to grow my Earthling people...NOW SEEMS LIKE A GOOD TIME!

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